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Norman Stevenson
Born in Ohio
70 years
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Only be as loyal to the company as the company is loyal to you.Norman Stevenson

Norman Stevenson was a good man.  That's the phrase I hear most when talking to the folks who held him in their hearts.

He took great joy in life, and lived it well.  He loved his friends and shared freely of his wit and intelligence.  He was philosophical and enjoyed discussing or debating just about anything.

Please share your stories or comments about how my father touched your life.  I know that my brother and I will both cherish these facets of him as the years go by.

In lieu of flowers or cards, please make donations directly to the Gainesville Center for Independent Living. This organization meant a great deal to Dad, and he devoted much of his later years to the improvement of accessibility for disabled folks.

Here is their contact information:
Center for Independent Living of North Central Florida
222 SW 36th Terrace
Gainesville, FL 32607
Voice: (352) 378-7474   TTY: (352) 372-3443
Fax: (352) 378-5582   Toll Free: (800) 265-5724


Latest Condolences
Judjie Good bye August 18, 2009
I was saddened to hear that Elph had passed.  I always refered to him as the pun man when speaking of him as I did often.   He was a quick wit and always ready to share in a pun contest.  Anything Goes has not been the same since he left.  I know that he loved the fact that he had been married for so many years to the love of his life.  He did agree to marry me however, when I made my first million....pogo tokies... that is many years ago.   Hopefully he is still punning for fun with the one that he loved.
Seesurfer9 Friend December 31, 2008
Its been almost a year and i just found out about my friend elph yesterday,,,,it made me cry,,,,,he was one of the friendliest nicest men online,,,,,i am so very sorry ,,,,Elph if your up their looking down at this the answer is yes i still want to come share your apartment with you as i said lol,,,,,,gee i think about him so often......i will keep him in my heart forever as a very much cared for man and good friend to everyone 
Mary cavaliermary July 25, 2008
your father was a true gentleman....I loved his wit..I used to chat with him & the others in Word Whomp, "Anything Goes".  He will be sadly missed.
sammer To Elph April 8, 2008
I will miss Elph so much. He was always there in the "anything goes" chat room. He was so could ask him anything. He had been everywhere. He always had a witty reply. Wit and simplicity = elegance. Your father was a very elegant man. I am sad  he is gone from here. My sincere condolences. sammer
Valkyrie Papa March 27, 2008

I only recently heard of elph's passing. (how can he be anything but 'elph' to us?)

I've been trying to compose a message of condolence that would be as eloquent as some of the earlier messages but, finally, can only speak what is in my heart.  I was offline for quite some time, helping during the illness and passing of my own Father, returning only to hear of elph's passing.  It breaks my heart to think we'll never again hear the wisdom and wit of that wonderful man.  A long time ago he told me that he "looked sort of like Ernest Hemmingway"...and from then on, I began calling him "Papa".  I hope Papa's heavenly abode is in the vicintity of my Dad's...I think they'll like each other and will keep each other entertained.   I believe I'll see them both again some day.  My deepest, most heartfelt condolences to Norman's family...your pain is shared by a lot of people. 

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John Clayton Moore and Rosetti Hughes Moore (Garnet's parents) Garnet's family and home, taken before she was born (Tennessee) As a boy, just hangin' out Dad's senior picture Not sure when this was taken, but she was pretty young. Dad in the track team (third from left in the top row) With his mother, Garnet A young family Dad doing the hurdles in track The writing on the back of this says it was "15 years ago" but I have no idea when that was sent to Dad. Early 1980s Dad working on a paper drive Senior yearbook business staff Five Generations Dad's senior yearbook staff (he's standing on the left)